Mehedi Saleh Al-Hewaitaat

Welcome to Wadi Rum, Jordan!  

A Small Local Bedouin Tour and Accommodation Service

My name is Mehedi Saleh Al-Hewaitaat and I run a small Bedouin Guide, Tours &  Accommodation business for couples, families, friends & solo travellers to visit and discover the beautiful desert of Wadi Rum, where I was lucky enough to be born.

Our aim is to help you to have a wonderful un-commercial adventure exploring Wadi Rum in the way that suits you best. For you to feel comfortable and connected with our desert, us as people and our Bedouin Culture! We offer Jeep Tours, Hiking Tours, Scrambling Tours, Camel Treks, a beautiful and simple Bedouin Camp to stay in, and Bivouac Camping - sleeping under the stars.

I work together with a small group of very experienced Bedouin guides, who all have their own strengths and skills. We are family (brothers, cousins) &/or from the same tribe &/or friends. Together we have been guiding tourists as Bedouin Directions since 2008. All of us have worked with tourists for many years before this time, and between us we have more than 60 years experience!

We offer a wide range of programs to suit every age, interest & fitness level. We can cater to your needs from 1 hour visits to 5 day programs or more! I also specialise in writing Tailored Tours for people who want to do something different!

We have built a simple Bedouin Camp in an exciting location in the desert. It is a bit different to the usual Camps in Wadi Rum!  A secret hideaway in a unique canyon in the beautiful white desert. We aim to strike a balance between a Camp that will be comfortable for our guests (you!) and experiencing a taste of Bedouin life. 

We also offer Bivouac Camping in the desert ('Camping under the stars'). Many people enjoy completely escaping into the natural environment of Wad Rum, and for them this is a great option.

My administration aim to respond to all e-mail & contact form enquiries, promptly, professionally, clearly, in good English!

I hope you will explore my site further, to read more about what we do. Please feel free to contact me with your enquiries or if you like what you see, simply use the website form to BOOK NOW

Taken by Michael Terrell

Taken by Michael Terrell

I would like to thank you so much for giving us such a fine experience in Wadi Ramm.
You and your friends (guides, drivers) were such perfect hosts, enabling us to enjoy our time in ways perfectly suited to our temperament and needs, with relaxed efficiency and friendliness, and totally reliable!
We came away feeling we had experienced something - people and land - quite new and inspiring.
Many many thanks.
— Evelyn & family - UK - 2013

September 2014: Canadian filmmaker Niobe Thompson worked with Bedouin Directions to shoot sequences for the three-part series The Great Human Odyssey.  This blue-chip documentary explores the human journey out of Africa, and was filmed in 17 countries across 5 continents over the course of two years.  It will broadcast around the world in 2015 and 2016, including on Canada’s CBC, PBS NOVA in the USA and Servus in Germany and Austria.

Bedouin Bedtime - illustrated children's e-book - PDF

Bedouin Bedtime is a little e-book perfect for families with young children aged 0-6 yrs. For the older age bracket the book is suitable as a short early reader. As an e-book it is a good choice for the travelling family who cannot carry many books with them. 

A celebration of diversity and the natural world. This books takes you on a starry journey through the bedtime routine of Bedouin nomads.

Gentle cultural lessons take place within the narrative and with the emphasis on nature the book is an antidote to fast paced modern life.

The book makes a good companion to a visit to Jordan to read with your children.

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Bedouin Bedtime can also be bought as a kindle book HERE.

It is the cutest little book I have read. It makes up a good read for little ones who likes bed time stories . The book has interesting pictures with text liners to relate to the pictures and trigger the imagination of children. There is also a introduction from the Author and her first hand experiences of Bedouin life. The book consists of 12 pages, not enough for an adult’s perspective I wanted to read more, but for kids I think it is good enough and the sense of finishing the book will be great for them.We need to know more of such Bedouin stories, I wish her all the best for her future books.
— - customer review

About Um A-yube - the author

Um A'yube is from a grassy green, grey and rainy town in the South of England. Living in the desert in Jordan with a Bedouin husband and three children wasn't really in her plan for life, but what life goes as one plans? 
Living in the desert has given Um A'yube a new appreciation for rain, which she now holds to be one of the most wonderful things in Allah's creation. 
Um A'yube spends her time taking care of her three young children, her little house, a handful of goats and geese, and in her spare time writing and illustrating children's stories about Bedouin life of which she self published the first one, "Bedouin Bedtime", on kindle this year. 
Um A'yube has been living in the desert since 2009. She considers herself very blessed to have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place with people of such fascinating character. She would like to thank her husband for that! 

Um A'yube writes about Bedouin life to share a glimpse into a very distinct and endangered way of life. She would like to help raise the voice of a people who are often presented in a negatively stereotypical and incorrect way.

Thank you for purchasing my work and helping to increase diversity in children's picture books.

After spending a lot of time in the Middle East I was looking for a children’s book featuring the region to share with my grandchildren. I found this little book charming. The children loved reading it and ask me lots of questions about Bedouin people and camels now. In short good value and offers a glimpse into another way of life.
— - verified customer review