Bedouin Bedtime - illustrated children's e-book - PDF

Bedouin Bedtime book cover 2.jpeg
Bedouin Bedtime book cover 2.jpeg

Bedouin Bedtime - illustrated children's e-book - PDF


Bedouin Bedtime is a little e-book perfect for families with young children aged 0-6 yrs. For the older age bracket the book is suitable as a short early reader. As an e-book it is a good choice for the travelling family who cannot carry many books with them. 

A celebration of diversity and the natural world. This books takes you on a starry journey through the bedtime routine of Bedouin nomads.

Gentle cultural lessons take place within the narrative and with the emphasis on nature the book is an antidote to fast paced modern life.

The book makes a good companion to a visit to Jordan to read with your children.

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By Um A'yube 

Um A'yube is from a grassy green, grey and rainy town in the South of England. She has a BA in Fine Art and a MA in Residential Landscape Architecture. Living in the desert in Jordan with a Bedouin husband and three children wasn't really in her plan for life, but what life goes as one plans? 
Living in the desert has given Um A'yube a new appreciation for rain, which she now holds to be one of the most wonderful things in Allah's creation. 
Um A'yube spends her time taking care of her three young children, her little house, a handful of goats and geese, and in her spare time writing and illustrating children's stories about Bedouin life of which she self published the first one, "Bedouin Bedtime", on kindle earlier this year (2017). 
Um A'yube has been living in the Wadi Rum desert since 2009. She considers herself very blessed to have the opportunity to live in such a beautiful place with people of such fascinating character. She would like to thank her husband for that! 

Um A'yube writes about Bedouin life to share a glimpse into a very distinct and endangered way of life. She would like to help raise the voice of a people who are often presented in a negatively stereotypical and incorrect way.

Thank you for purchasing my work and helping to increase diversity in children's picture books.