Bedouin Directions welcomes enquiries from Tour Operators. We can accept in the Camp groups up to 25 people. In this case the whole Camp would be fully booked and for your own private use. For Groups under 20 people we would accept other bookings. Our Camp is best suited to tour companies arranging tours for small groups of 16 people and under. Bivouac Camping can be offered to groups up to 15 people, this is always a private evening.

Of course we offer discounts to tour operators but this is reserved to those wanting to book regularly or for bookings of groups of more than 10 people.

We would also be excited to work with any forward thinking company who is looking to develop special programs for their groups. The programs can be developed together and then offered exclusively to you. An example of this is now listed on our website (Group Experience). This is a special Camel Caravan Trek/ retreat starting from our Camp, and for the duration the group travels in the quietest areas of the protected area. The Dutch facilitators coach their guests, and in co-operation a unique physical, spiritual and mental experience is created.

A Canadian Company: Island Fever Travel is also running a yearly trip to Jordan and Wadi Rum (with Bedouin Directions), Insha'Allah. Any Canadians interested in joining their group can e-mail Kim Patrick: 

Many tour companies will book with Bedouin Directions on request, so if you are travelling with a group or tour company please ask if you are keen to stay with us, we are happy to attempt to co-operate with them.

We are independent Bedouin local to Wadi Rum. We know our business and how we organise things. For this reason we prefer it if you are travelling in Jordan with a tour company and want to stay with us, that you contact us directly (enquiries). We can then agree and arrange the tour, overnight stay etc together without a middle man confusing things. You can then ask the tour company to leave the time you are here with us in Wadi Rum free on the schedule you have agreed with them.