Desert Retreat - A Journey through Wadi Rum

5 Day, 5 Night Camel Caravan - Riding and Walking

Learning to let go

Together with Dutch facilitators you travel 5 days, 5 nights with 1 rest day en-route through the most quiet and silent parts of the desert. The whole trip takes to the South end of the Wadi Rum Protected Area.

Most of the trip all participants will be silent. You will either ride your camel, walk or combine the two.

In the morning, during lunch and in the evening you will focus on your inner peace, wisdom and strength.

In between you are welcome to have a one to one conversation with the Dutch trainers / coaches.

Various body and mind exercises provided by the trainers will help you to reconnect with yourself.

You are sleeping under the stars - Bivouac Camping. Each night in a different place. The final night is spent at Bedouin Directions permanent camp.

Walking through Wadi Rum, following the camels, gave me energy, a clearness in my thinking and made me realize that only one moment is important: NOW. The diversity of walking, thinking, feeling, healthy food, yoga, guided meditation, sleeping under the stars, laughing, singing, dancing, playing, joyful and serious discussions with authentic people, make me want to go back to the desert for the rest of my life. Rhodé Timmer and Caroline Froeling have created a unique exclusive program that I fully recommend to anyone who is looking for space and quietness within and who is not afraid of going back to basics with the bedouins.
— Coen - Dutch - March 2014

Languages: English & Dutch


Training & Coaching:

Caroline Froeling



5th-10th & 19th-24th November 2018

Both these trips are now fully booked.

Look out for the Spring 2019 dates coming soon!

Caroline Froeling

Caroline Froeling


JD 350 for training and coaching + the price for the camel trek facilities (this varies according to group size)

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Caroline's website with more details

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The Desert Experience from Rhodé en Caroline is highly recommended! It was my first encounter with the desert but certainly not my last. The space around me gave me space inside myself, space towards myself. It made me realize again that every person has so much inside: ability to experience joy, love, power, freedom. Irrespectively of possessions, achievements, social conventions. The desert invited me to live in this moment, NOW, to experience, and to embrace life just the way it presents itself. I was not only impressed by the desert but also by the Jordanian people. They are open, funny, warm and I felt safe all the time. Rhodé and Caroline, thanks for this beautiful trip and your pleasant company. Your distinctive competences are authentic, warm, humor and capacity to things in the right perspective.
— Miriam - Dutch - March 2014
Taken by Phil

Taken by Phil