Bedouin Directions - Bedouin Camp - Wadi Rum Protected Area

The location of the camp makes you feel like you are the only one out in the middle of the vast, beautiful desert.
— Ashli - USA - December 2012

Bedouin Directions Camp

Our Bedouin Camp, in the heart of the Wadi Rum Protected Area, is small, simple, authentic, & comfortable. 

The Camp is in the white desert in a unique and beautiful location, secluded and away from any other tourist camps.

Ideally based for hiking, you can discover lots of interesting desert features within short walking distance of the Camp. 

We aim to keep things comfortable, in working order and clean, but please do bear in mind this is the desert, and it is camping. 

We hope that the location of our Camp, really being able to experience nature away from the bustle of city life, other tourist camps, and the adventure of experiencing a taste of Bedouin life/ culture will make up for going without some of the things you are used to (i.e chairs, tables, a hot shower).

Our Camp has simple desert bathrooms (with 2 Western toilets, 2 showers). There are Private Bedouin tents to sleep in, a large social tent to spend the evening in, enjoy your dinner in and a cosy wood fire.  In the summer months, we usually sit outside in the evenings, and may not make a fire, as it can get too hot.

People who would like to sleep outside under the stars but don't want the full Bivouac Camping option are welcome to take their mattresses and  blankets and to sleep outside in the Camp area. This is particularly nice to do in the summer months. If you are not sure where is a good spot, you can ask the guides in the Camp and they will help you.

  • We provide mattresses and blankets, we do not provide sheets or towels. You are welcome to bring your own but it is not obligatory.

  • As of the summer 2018 we have 8 standalone private Bedouin Tents (ranging from 2 person - 7 person)

  • We would normally accept no more than 24 people in one night. However, this does rarely happen! Usual numbers at a busy time of year would be 5-20 people in one night. Or 1-15 people in one night at a quieter time of year.

  • The busiest times of year are the Easter holidays, March, April, October, November and the last two weeks of December. Try to book early when you want to visit during these times to avoid disappointment.

Camp Prices:

1 person: 50JD per night (incl. dinner and breakfast) *

2-4 people: 30D p.p per night (incl. dinner and breakfast) **
5+ people: 25JD p.p per night (incl. dinner and breakfast) **

If you would like to stay for dinner without sleeping overnight, the rate is 15JD p.p (this applies when you are also taking a tour with us). If you simply want dinner with no tour a transfer fee to get to the camp and back may apply.

* Please note that if you are one person staying at the Camp when you are the ONLY other guest the rate for the overnight stay is 60JD.

* Please note these rates are for those guests also taking a tour with us. If you simply want to stay overnight without any kind of tour the rates above have +5JD p.p. added.


We don't charge for cancelling bookings, but we do ask you to pay for the cost of dinner if you cancel or leave at the point when dinner has been prepared or already sent to the Camp with the cook.

If you are cancelling on the same day you are due to arrive we ask you do so before 12 noon to prevent dinner being bought or prepared un-necessarily.

Many thanks.

The camp is in the best location of all camps I saw in Wadi Rum. It is hidden away surrounded by rocks. Other camps can be seen while on a tour near to each other out in the open. At sunset you can walk out of this camp and there is not a person in sight, not even the camp! Wadi Rum is a special place that you must visit and can only truly appreciate with a night in a comfy camp like this.
— Ben - UK - November 2012
It is situated deep in Wadi Rum far from other camps, and it’s nestled between several large rocks, which gives it a secluded and tranquil atmosphere.
— Sarah - USA - February 2012
I wanted to thank you and your staff for a truly wonderful weekend in Wadi Rum. The children, my husband, and I had a fabulous time camping, eating great food, sleeping in your hand-made goat-hair tents, and exploring the stunning Wadi Rum desert.
— Elisa - U.K - 2011
The campsite was great - there were no other camps in sight, so it felt like we had a corner of the desert to ourselves. ..We were there during a full moon so it was light enough to do a late-night moonlight hike as well - definitely a highlight. Highly recommended.
— Dan - USA - January 2013