Budget Tour

For travelers on a budget a good way to save on costs is to hike, avoid the use of the Jeeps and to sleep in the Camp each night. By doing this over a number of days you can still cover a reasonable amount of ground. A series of pure hiking days could also be combined with one day using a jeep if budget allows. You can use the Jeep to access a mountain or two to hike up them, or to visit areas of the protected area you cannot reach in one day on foot from the camp. 

Hang Out Days

This option allows you to spend time in the desert in your own way. You have breakfast in the camp and then you are free to spend the day exploring the area around the camp alone.  You can explore and scramble around on the rocks that surround the camp, and take short walks in the area. However, you need to bear in mind (particularly May-September) that the days are hot, so in the middle of the day in the Camp itself you will not be able to stay in the tents. You will need to find some shade nearby to rest in and take a mattress with you to sit on. In the morning the guides and often the cook will return to the village so you will be alone for the day or morning. Then someone will return to the Camp in the afternoon to cook dinner and make some tea.

We can provide you with a packed lunch for this option if you would like, or you can buy your own supplies from the shop when you arrive on the first day.

It is easy to get lost and disorientated in the desert, so this option is really only suitable for people who have some experience and knowledge about navigation & hiking alone in wilderness areas. Or someone who is staying for 2 days or more and this is the last day in their program. For example on the first and second day they would do a Jeep tour, Pure hiking with a Guide, or Camel trek etc, then on the third day when you are reasonably well orientated you can spend the day in the camp and surrounding area alone.

The day is FREE and you only pay for the overnight accommodation, dinner & breakfast. 

A packed lunch costs 5JD p.p. 


For students, budget travellers, long-term travellers, bloggers, journalists wanting to write about Bedouin Directions and Wadi Rum, non-Jordanian residents, tour groups and people booking a long tour or multiple night stays we are happy to offer discounts at our own discretion.

For everyone we will do what we can to find a tour that meets your budget and tour preference.

However, all our prices are fair and reasonable, We do not make grand obscene profits, we make an honest living. Prices for supplies, petrol, taking water to the camp etc are high in Jordan & because of the location of the Camp our running costs are much higher than a Camp located a few KM from Rum Village. We also make sure to pay our guides well and fairly, because most of us are supporting large families & we want our Guides to take pride in their work and be rewarded for that!

Most of us have worked for other larger guiding Wadi Rum businesses when we first started to work for tourists, and we worked very hard for very little, so Bedouin Directions does not want to do the same to our staff!

The prices listed on this website are the standard prices and these would normally apply.

Bedouin & In Jordan we do not engage in haggling 'a la' Morocco or 'a la; India. Honestly this is really not a part of our culture as much as people think. We will negotiate a bit, we are not unreasonable people, but please don't assume our first price is 10 times the real rate because other Cultures do that.

Jordan is a different country to Morocco, India, Egypt, and we are more similar in our Culture to Saudi Arabian people who are also Bedouin and very close to us tribally.

You can also see Ruths comments on the matter on her Jordan Jubilee Website. 

The discounts we do offer we try to keep the same or consistent because it is unfair if we have lots of people doing the same program for wildly different prices.

For the reasons listed above we can consider a discount of some kind. Please contact us for any discount requests.

Please if you do intend to negotiate with us, do not be shy to do it in advance via e-mail or on the phone.

We do not consider it good manners for you to make a booking, with clear and transparent pricing provided by us in advance, and then for you to start to negotiate when it comes to payment, after you have enjoyed the tour.

Taken by Bedouin Directions

Taken by Bedouin Directions

Taken by Bedouin DIrections

Taken by Bedouin DIrections

Taken By Bedouin Directions

Taken By Bedouin Directions