Bedouin Directions - a Fly-By of our Camp

Bedouin Directions welcome you to our "secret hideaway" Bedouin camp located inside the protected area of Wadi Rum, Jordan.

Many thanks to Aaron Cederberg who captured the footage used in this video for us: IG: @arcederberg

Availability Update for March and April 2019

Hello everyone,

As I predicted, 2019 is looking to be exceptionally busy in Wadi Rum. We are trying to fit as many of you in as we can, but we are a small team, and we don’t want to expand and risk diluting the quality of what we do. We do small, and we will stay that way for the foreseeable future. This means we can’t say yes to everyone, our apologies.

Please contact us as soon as you can, because we are taking longer than usual to reply to people (days instead of hours). We already have a number of fully booked dates (see below). At the time of writing (24th Feb / updated: 4th, 6th, 19th, 31st March, 4th, 8th, 14th, 24 April) these are the dates (see below) which are already full. There are a lot of other dates which are tight, so please enquire first, rather than booking directly with the booking form. We recommend people check the shared tour dates as well, because we can then reduce the numbers of Jeeps in the desert (which is good for the desert, and good for your pocket, and means we can say yes to more people) : D.

Due to the numbers of people we aren’t saying many yeses to Bivouac Camping for the next two months … please feel free to ask, but there are very few dates left in March and April on which we can offer this program. Again, apologies to all.

Without further ado:

Fully Booked Dates:

(subject to changes at any time):

April: 16th - 28th, 30th. On the 29th we have one tent left and limited tour options.

May: 17th, 18th, 21st, 22nd, 25th, 30th. We also plan to close for a rest from the 5th-11th.

June: We will close for the first day of Eid. We can't be sure of the first date but for the moment, please avoid the 4th, 5th and 6th.

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Lonely Planet lists Jordan as a Top Destination for 2019

Jordan it seems is trending, and as the Lonely Planet includes us on their list of top destinations for 2019, those of you who already visited us can feel smug you made it here ahead of the rush. : D.

Those of you who are heading our way soon, we look forward to meeting you, Insha’Allah.

Visitors to Jordan can look forward to an exciting trip where dramatic landscapes, defined culture, and dizzying history collide….

Attention Travellers - Jordan Clocks Go Back Soon - October 2018

So unless the government decides last minute not to change them (as they did in 2015ish) the clocks should go back by one hour during the night on the 25th October for daylight saving.

Pixabay - CCO Creative Commons Licence - By  Annca

Pixabay - CCO Creative Commons Licence - By Annca

This means from the 26th October sunset will be close to 5 pm. At the moment, sunset is still around 6 pm.

Don’t get caught out, especially if you are planning to catch the early morning Petra bus on the 26th October or you have flights on the 26th.

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Bedouin Directions Receives TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence - 2018

Thank you to all our guests who took the time to write reviews for us on TripAdvisor. Without your continued support, kind words, and valuable time we wouldn’t have received the certificate of excellence from TripAdvisor once again. We have now received the certificate of excellence for 8 years in a row!

If anyone didn’t write their review yet and you have some time we are always grateful to receive them! Hint hint ; P.

New Tents at our Bedouin Camp

I’m happy to announce Bedouin Directions have replaced our sleeping tents at our Bedouin camp over the summer (2018). We are hoping to have more, better pictures to share with you in November. For now we have a couple of pics to give you a glimpse!

The new benefits of the tents are:

  • Every tent is standalone and 100% private

  • We have two tents now which can sleep up to 6/7 people which will be good for groups of friends and large families (previously our biggest room could only sleep 5)

  • All the tents are more spacious

  • All the tents (except the two with rounded roofs) have windows

  • All the tents are raised from the floor which means less sand and dust inside and more creepy crawlies outside : D. Yay.

We hope you all like the changes and Insha’Allah see you soon!

The largest tent on the left of the picture is the social tent where we hang out and serve dinner. The small building at the top of the picture (which looks like a tent from the outside) is the bathrooms. The 8 tents in the foreground are our new sleeping tents.

The largest tent on the left of the picture is the social tent where we hang out and serve dinner. The small building at the top of the picture (which looks like a tent from the outside) is the bathrooms. The 8 tents in the foreground are our new sleeping tents.

The 8 new sleeping tents are on the left-hand side of this picture. Our social tent where we hang out and serve dinner is on the right-hand side of this picture.

The 8 new sleeping tents are on the left-hand side of this picture. Our social tent where we hang out and serve dinner is on the right-hand side of this picture.

Eid Mubarak from Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum Sand Dune

Eid Mubarak

Have a lovely day!

Hello everyone,

Sorry for a long time we didn't post. We have been too busy (al-hamdulilah) and then focused on Ramadan.

I'm sure you had plenty of other notifications from other pages and websites to keep you busy! ; D

We are closed today for the holiday and open again tomorrow for our guests.

Insha'Allah see you all soon!

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A Bedouin Cautionary Tale - Treat your Camel Well

A Bedouin Story: The story begins many years ago during the time Bedouin people did not have Jeeps. If there was anywhere you wanted to go you relied on your camel, your donkey or your feet.

A young man ... decided he wanted to travel to some family members tents ... He owned one camel at the time... he had not always treated this camel well....

They're Blogging About Bedouin Directions...

Thank you to Guy for his humorous, thoughtful, interesting, well written travel article about his recent visit to Wadi Rum with his motorbike. . .

Read all about about his thoughts and experiences on his blog

What Do We REALLY Mean When we Say: "Insha'Allah" ...

A blog post about "Insh'Allah". 

I have noticed Westerners sometimes look a little worried when we use the word... I think you are probably wondering:

Does this mean he doesn't really intend to meet me tomorrow at x o'clock?
Does "Insha'Allah" indicate a lack of intent from the person who is saying it? A almost pre-prepared excuse for not showing up or being late?

Looking for a Exceptional Adventure to end 2017 and begin 2018?

Join us in Wad Rum for an adventure. The Desert Soul Tour is a popular, exciting program for adventurous people and the available shared tour will be a special way to end the year 2017 and begin 2018. Not to mention the new friends you will make along the way. Dates: 30th December 2017 - 2nd January 2018. ONLY FOUR PLACES AVAILABLE.

They're Blogging About Bedouin Directions...

Thank you to Stephanie for her very enthusiastic and kind blog post about her recent visit to Wadi Rum with Bedouin Directions. 

Read all about about her thoughts and experiences on her blog

Tips to Stay Safe When Hiking independently in Wadi Rum

Bedouin Directions Camp is a wonderful place to base yourself to spend some time and just enjoy being in nature. The experience of exploring the desert alone is quite different to the experience when you explore with a guide or by Jeep.

We welcome people who want to join us for a longer stay to "Hang Out" at the camp to do some independent walking.

If you do join us to explore independently here are some tips on how to stay safe:

Whats in a name? All about Bedouin names ...

Jebel Rum 3 - Mehedi & Salem.JPG

Demystifying how Arab names work ...

For Bedouin people our name is a very important thing and from a young age we start to teach our children their full name. 

To our guests in Wadi Rum Bedouin names are a bit of a puzzle... In this post I would like to explain a bit about how Bedouin names work... its not as mysterious as you might think...

I wonder how many of you know the name of your Great Grandfather or your Great, Great Grandfather?

For Bedouin people this is common knowledge because of how we name our children.

Firstly when a child is born they are given their own first name. The parents choose this.

Then his second name is the name of his father.

His third name is the name of his grandfather.

Then his last name is the name of his tribe.

Some people might have another second tribal name if his tribe is a sub branch or a large tribe.

Lets look at my name:

Mehedi - my first name.

You can call me Mehedi when we meet. : D

Saleh - my second name. This is the name of my father. 

You might need this when talking to other people about me. This is how we would differentiate me from another Mehedi in the village. There are not hoards of Mehedi's but there are a few others so to be sure who you mean when you talk about me you would say: Mehedi Saleh.

Sometimes if a person has a first name that is widely used - like Mohammed. Then you might well need his first name, second name and possibly even his third name to be sure who you mean. There is a fair chance if his name is Mohammed there are others with the same first and second name. Then you need to use his third name and possibly even his tribes name to differentiate him from the other Mohammed's.

Mohammed - my third name. This is the name of my Grandfather.

I don't use this so much in everyday life, but if my first name was Mohammed I might need to! However, I certainly know it and this is the name of my Grandfather.

Anyone only needs to know their fathers full name to know the name of their great grandfather. Most people will also know their grandfathers full name, and from that name you know your great grandfathers first name.

abu-Rabia - my tribe name. This is the sub group of a larger tribe.

This reveals the history of your tribe. Where your tribe comes from and your ancestry. Most people can talk about the relevant history of their tribe. How their tribe came to have the name they have, how they got to the place they are now living, and if there is a larger "parent" tribe when the smaller tribe became a sub tribe of the larger tribe.

Al Heuwaitat - my tribe name. This is the large "parent" tribe I belong to.

Finally this name reveals the large "parent" tribe I belong to and the history of my ancestry can be understood. The Heuwaitat can be traced back to the Prophet Mohammed and his daughter Fatima. You can read more about my tribe specifically on Bedouin Directions website HERE.

As you can see there is a lot in a name! 

Women are also given a first female name, then their second and third names are also the names of their father and grandfather. When women get married they don't change their names. All their paperwork/ ID's etc remain the same. 

Once they get married and have their first child they become known as: Um (mother) X (their first child's name). Usually if the first child is a daughter she will have her daughters name, then if she later has a son her name will change to Um (mother) of her son's name. Most people assume this is something sexist.

Perhaps it is, but in my opinion it is not sexist, the reason comes back to the fact that the girls will get married and move away (not necessarily but most likely). In the past particularly that would often involve moving far away from home during a time when travel was difficult and time consuming. The mother taking her children's name is a act of remembrance and we like to remember the present. Therefore, taking the name of your son you take the name of the person who will stay close to home, and it will most likely be his home you stay in when you are old. We see that as a beautiful thing.

Sometimes if the oldest son dies, people will switch to using the name of the second son, this is because they don't like to remind the mother of her loss. Perhaps, with girls names it is the same, because girls are destined to be "lost"....

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Wadi Rum for Kids

Wadi Rum is a great place for kids. The desert is like a gigantic playground and will delight children of all ages (probably the adult ones too ; P). Here are some of the features found in Wadi Rum that kids will love... Plus some practical tips on how to prepare for the trip....