Lonely Planet lists Jordan as a Top Destination for 2019

Taken by Bedouin Directions

Taken by Bedouin Directions

Jordan it seems is trending, and as the Lonely Planet includes us on their list of top destinations for 2019, those of you who already visited us can feel smug you made it here ahead of the rush. : D.

Those of you who are heading our way soon, we look forward to meeting you, Insha’Allah.

Visitors to Jordan can look forward to an exciting trip where dramatic landscapes, defined culture, and dizzying history collide.

And of course, no visit to Jordan is complete without a visit to Wadi Rum. You can spend time enjoying the natural landscape and profound silence. Or get social and explore with adventurous hiking, scrambling, and camel treks. Or even a little bit of both.

The Lonely Planet highlights the exciting new Jordan Trail as a must-do for keen hikers. The Jordan Trail starts in the North of Jordan at Um Qais and finishes in Aqaba at the Red Sea. The Jordan Trail was originally conceived by Tony and Di Howard who are much-loved honorary members of Rum Village. We’re really excited to see their dream becoming a reality. The trail travels through Wadi Rum, and anyone hiking the trail will find our camp located close to the end of the first days hike out of Rum Village. We can provide support to hikers with the option to join us for dinner at the camp, a full board stay at the camp, rest days are also possible, or we can meet them and provide dinner on the fire, mattresses, and blankets for a night of Bivouac camping (subject to availability). Hikers on the Jordan Trail should contact us in advance and we can provide more information.

Anyone interested in learning more about Wadi Rum should have a read of Tony and Di’s website which is peppered with fascinating stories about their first visits to Wadi Rum, which yes, took place before I was born!!

In all seriousness, all the signs are there, that Wadi Rum will have a busy season ahead of us, so please do book early, to avoid disappointment. It doesn’t take much for Bedouin Directions to get fully booked because we are a small camp and team. Booking ahead is especially important if you plan to visit over the Easter holidays.

As a nice coincidence, 2019 also happens to be Bedouin Directions 10th year in business… We are thinking of holding a competition to celebrate, so keep your eyes out for posts, and we’ll reveal more before New Year’s Eve.