Wadi Rum: Today a Desert in the Rain


Today is a special day in Wadi Rum because we have had a LOT of rain. All night we were treated to the sound of rain thundering down, and after a rain free morning, this afternoon some more rain has started.

Many people might be disheartened if they come to visit the desert and find themselves here on a rainy day. 

Perhaps today and similar days, is the day to rediscover your inner child and look at rain in a new way. Your guide for certain will be very happy, full of smiles, joy and will very likely treat you to lots of Bedouin singing along the way. We are happy because rain is a blessing. Rain means grass, and that means we can take our animals into the desert, graze them, not need to buy them food. Then we are in the desert where we feel our most content. Rain brings relief from the heat, and after long summers we always long for the first rain of the year.

When we get particularly heavy rain you will even see waterfalls rocketing down the mountainsides, and you will see the action of water erosion in reality.

Cosy fires will be made, gallons of sweet tea drunk to keep warm (we use sage as a warming herb in tea), and the desert itself will treat you to a kaleidoscope of colours and smells you would not have thought possible before.

Sold? ... Well now you have to figure out how to schedule your visit to be here in the rain.