World without Time - The Bedouin by Edward Nevins and Theon Wright

Wadi Rum Desert - Experiencing the silence

A quote from the book "World without Time - The Bedouin". A feeling some of you may well have experienced when visiting the desert of Wadi Rum... a feeling perhaps some of you have yet to experience... The quiet time on your lunch break is the ideal time to go for a short walk alone and appreciate the silent expanse of the desert...

"There is a quality about the desert that is unlike anything else I have encountered.  It creates the sensation of being utterly alone, with an extension of physical distance beyond which is the unlimited extension of time itself.  In this environment, the human mind is lifted out of itself, above the level of mundane existence, until one has the feeling of being cast out into a limitless world of endless space and time."

Posted on June 17, 2017 and filed under About Wadi Rum.