Monday Memories of Wadi Rum

Thank you to all the people that have already responded to my post yesterday and written to my e-mail with your memories of Wadi Rum... keep them coming... Insha'Allah.

Today I would like to invite you to take a few minutes out from your work day to daydream, and read about Katie Al-Akras's memories of Wadi Rum:

I don’t even know where to begin with my experience in Wadi Rum. I have yet to find the right words and sentiments to express my experience in the vast red and pink desert. We first visited wadi rum in 2015 with two young kids in tow and no idea what to expect. But the minute we left Rum and returned to The Desert Highway I realized a part of my heart was left behind….
I can say with certainty there is a magic in the sand of Wadi Rum and stillness of the night that draws a person closer to spirituality. Every time I need peace and stillness, I imagine myself back in the nook of the mountains surrounded by the sounds of nature and the hospitality of the Bedouin people.  
You know, traveling with 2 young kids can be very tiring and hard but our trip was filled with laughter, music, games and guides who doted over our kids. I never imagined this trip would be easy for me or the kids but it was FANTASTIC!
We have since visited Wadi Rum again in 2017 with Bedouin Directions. It amazed me how Mehdi remembered our first visit and we all reminisced about our time with our hosts.  
Our children are now at the age of remembering their experience in the holy land and every time we talk about Jordan they are first to mention the fun and excitement they had in Wadi Rum.