ATTENTION: Calling our past guests - share your memories of Wadi Rum

To all our wonderful past guests, who chose us to be their guides in Wadi Rum. As a part of our new blog we would like to do a weekly post every Monday featuring a memory that a past guest has shared with us about their visit to Wadi Rum.

Memories should be in writing. They can be as long or short as you like but 150-500 words is probably about right. We would like to hear about your experience in Wadi Rum from YOUR point of view. We don't want a "review" or "feedback", but a memory from your experience that your might daydream about on a slow day at work. Some ideas about what you could write about:

  • What memory of Wadi Rum do you linger over in your mind the most?
  • What made your time in Wadi Rum special?
  • Did something funny happen?
  • What did you like about your guide? Were there any funny cultural moments, or things he did that was strange or unexpected to you? Did you do anything that you realised later he found strange?
  • How did you feel exploring the landscape?
  • How did you feel about the music at the camp? 
  • If you did a camel trek do you remember it fondly or when wincing?
  • Was the most memorable thing the people you met - it could be other travellers or Bedouin? Or the desert itself?

Please send your submission in writing to: with the subject: Memory of Wadi Rum. We would love it if you could include a picture or two as well.

We will choose our favourites and publish one every week on Mondays, Insha'Allah.

Posted on July 30, 2017 and filed under About Wadi Rum, About our Tours.